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Based upon readings on oral history and history, memory and oral history, and the politics of archival collections, students will become familiar with uses of oral history, including how they are significant to understanding Native perspectives, how they have been used to illuminate the study of nation, citizenship, and belonging, and their on-going importance as tools of resistance and renewal for Indigenous peoples. The Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba are entitled to one slot at the Spring Workshop in Research Methods.

Human Rights in Arts

The Newberry Library Consortium in American Indian Studies (NCAIS) Workshop in Research Methods is offering: Native Oral Traditions and History in the Archives: Research, Theory, and Methods with Prof. Alyssa Mt. Pleasant, Yale University and Prof. Jennifer Dentdale, University of New Mexico
As Native oral histories have shown, stories that were and still are conveyed orally relayed cultural values, continue to be sources of wealth, provide a sense of renewal within community and families, relate ideal relationships between the earth and humans, humans and non-humans, impart sacred knowledge, and embody healing qualities.   
This seminar will introduce students to the ways in which oral histories have informed Indigenous Studies, its theorizing and practice.  We will examine selected events in Native histories and cultures and examine how oral tradition has made significant contributions and interventions in Native Studies.  Based upon readings on oral history and history, memory and…

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