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Kelly Hewson “As a starting point, I’ve compiled the far-from-comprehensive list of strategies that follows from the readings I’ve been doing on indigenising research and decolonising methodologies and from conversations I’ve had with colleagues.”

Culture and the Canada-U.S. Border Blog

At the original ‘Culture and the Canada-US Border’ conference held at the University of Kent in June 2009, Kelly Hewson (Mt. Royal University) and I had a conversation about the challenges faced by non-Indigenous scholars interested in Indigenous issues. Such conversations tend to turn on the tension between well-intentioned awareness-raising on the one hand and advocacy ‘on behalf’ of minority groups on the other, with all the attendant dangers of representation, objectification, and even commoditization that implies. How does one go about engaging such issues without speaking for others—potentially (inadvertently?) silencing them in the process?

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