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CIGI Chair in Globalization and Public Policy William Coleman on Globalization and Autonomy


CIGI Chair in Globalization and Public Policy William Coleman discusses the academic approach to studying global flows of trade, culture and ideas. He finds that at the core of the debate over globalization is the idea of autonomy for individuals and their local cultures – and whether these are threatened by the advance of global markets.

The SSHRC MCRI Globalization and Autonomy research project is now drawing to a close.

The Results of Our Research

We are publishing the results of our research in three ways. First, we are making them available and accessible to a wide public audience through the Globalization and Autonomy Online Compendium.

Second, we are publishing them in academic form in the Globalization and Autonomy Series published by the University of British Columbia Press. To order: Click on the links below, call toll-free: 1-800-668-0821Tel: (604) 822-5959 E-mail: With the dedicated assistance of Nancy Johnson, we have continued to move forward with the publication of the academic volumes of the project. Two have been fully accepted for publication.

Global Ordering: Institutions and Autonomy in a Changing World, Louis W. Pauly and William D. Coleman, eds.

Renegotiating Community: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Global Contexts Diana Brydon and William D. Coleman, eds.

Empires and Autonomy: Moments in the History of Globalization, Stephen Streeter, John Weaver, and William D. Coleman, eds.

Unsettled Legitimacy: Political Community, Power and Authority in a Global Era, Steven Bernstein and William D. Coleman, eds.

Indigenous Peoples and Autonomy: Insights for a Global Age

Property Rights: Struggles over Autonomy in a Global Age

Cultural Autonomy: Frictions and Connections

Deux Méditerranées: Les voies de la mondialisation et de l’autonomie

The latter volume will be published first in French by Les Presses de l’Université Laval and, funds permitting, we will then seek to publish it in English.

We also have a contractual arrangement with our project colleague, Professor Yu Keping, Director, China Center For Comparative Politics And Economics, Beijing, for selected chapters of various volumes to be published in Chinese, once they have been finalized for publication by UBC Press.

Diana Brydon, Louis Pauly and William D. Coleman have a plan for the final synthesis volume of the project. Its title will be:

Globalization and Autonomy: Conversing across Disciplines

Finally, individual team members are publishing their work in their usual disciplinary journals and books. These publications are included in the Compendium’s bibliographic database.

Three of the postdoctoral scholars associated with the project have published books.

Natalia Loukacheva published The Arctic Promise: Legal and Political Autonomy of Greenland and Nunavut with University of Toronto Press.

Rauna Kuokkanen published Reshaping the University: Responsibility, Indigenous Epistemes, and the Logic of the Gift with University of British Columbia Press.

Ravi de Costa published A Higher Authority: Indigenous Transnationalism and Australia with University of New South Wales Press. This update to the team was written by William D. Coleman 2007/07/11

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