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Language, New Literacies and Multiliteracies: teacher and student education in digital and globalized societies


Profiles: Walkyria Monte Mór, Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil. Walkyria is Deputy Director of the Brazil Canada Knowledge Exchange Project

Walkyria’s project as an associate of the Centre aims at investigating and reviewing the educational fundaments and practices in universities and schools, from the perspectives of the new literacies and multiliteracies theories (MUSPRATT, LUKE & FREEBODY 1997; LANKSHEAR & KNOBEL 2003; COPE & KALANTZIS 2000; GEE 2003; GIROUX 2005, SNYDER 2003, 2004). Its objective is to propose a critical and participative cultural and social practice (GIROUX 2005; CASTELS 1999) according to new epistemological views defended by Morin (2000) which aim to enable the students [and citizens] to know how to proceed in the absence of existing models and exemplars, as advocated by Lankshear and Knobel (2003, p 173).

It is planned to be developed in 4 phases, using qualitative methodologies: 1) investigating and analysing critique among university and secondary school students; 2) designing university and school programs that enable to enhance critical perspectives in the two mentioned levels of study (university and school); 3) implementing and following up the designed university and school programs; 4) disseminating and following up the theories and practices of the designed programs in teacher education projects.

Literacies and Multimodalities in teacher education: Meaning making practices in higher education
For more information on the Brazil National project for new literacies

Talk delivered at the Workshop Multiliteracies and English as an International Language April 7 2011


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Walkyria was a Visiting Associate from September 15 to November 15 2007 and is now continuing as an Adjunct Associate of the Centre working in The Developing Transnational Literacies Research cluster. Walkyria assisted the Office of International Relations with a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Manitoba

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