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Critical Literacy, Intercultural Approach & the Teaching of English in Alagoas, Brazil, Guest Post Dr Roseanne Tavares


Roseanne Tavares, Professor, Federal University of Alagoas
Until now, much has been said and done about the relation between foreign language teaching and culture (Byram & Morgan, 1994; Tavares & Cavalcanti, 1996). The studies developed on this topic have contributed to widen aspects of foreign language teaching, bringing deeper thoughts in promoting discussion on themes such as ideology, identity, beliefs, and prejudice within classroom discourse. Here I would like to present the theoretical and the methodological orientations towards the use of an intercultural approach to teaching English as an additional language.

Read more: Volume 19 No. 2 Winter 2011

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Roseanne is working at the Language Postgraduate Programme at UFA, and was a visiting researcher at the University of Manitoba working with the Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies in 2010. She is also collaborating in an international research partnership dedicated to the cross-sector co-creation and mobilization of knowledge between Canada and Brazil within the emerging field of promoting transnational literacies in global contexts named Brazil/Canada Knowledge Exchange: Developing transnational Literacies, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Diana Brydon

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