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AAAL in the changing context of globalization March 26 Chicago Ruberval Franco Maciel Lynn Mario Menezes de Souza Brian Morgan


Three colleagues working with the partnership project, “Brazil/Canada knowledge exchange: developing transnational literacies,”  will talk about language policy at the upcoming conference of the American Association of Applied Linguistics in Chicago next week, March 26-29, 2011. The conference theme is

 AAAL in the changing context of globalization.

Here are details of their papers:

Globalization, curricular reformas and English languae teaching: negotiating and reconstructing local knowledge Ruberval Franco Maciel (State University of Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil)

The presentation considers the effects of globalization and the restructuring process of policy making in education, particularly the Brazilian National curriculum for English language teaching and analyses how a community of English teachers perceives, reinterprets and implements locally a top-down proposal 

From local to local: a critical perspective of ethics and geopolical conflicts in literacy and language teaching Lynn Mario Menezes de Souza (University of Sao Paulo)

This paper discusses issues for language teaching and teacher education policy arising from conflicting concepts of the local in current discussions on globalization. It focusses on the presuppositions of the relations between power, location and epistemology in these conceptions and calls attention to the ethical and pedagogical implications for policy that may arise.

Brian Morgan “Social Justice Language Teacher Education colloquium”. I am doing a co-presentation with Matthew Clarke from the University of New South Wales. Our paper is titled “Education and Social Justice in Neoliberal Times: Historical and Pedagogical Perspectives from Two Postcolonial Contexts”

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